PUBG MOBILE New Era All-New Anti-Cheating System Upgrade

2020-09-06 10:00:00

In order to protect the interests of the majority of players and ensure a healthy atmosphere within the game, PUBG MOBILE has been committed to maintaining the fairness of the game and preserving the gaming experience.

In our anti-cheat team, we have recently achieved some breakthroughs and developments, which we will make public to all the players.


New Cheat Crackdowns:

(to avoid spreading, we have intentionally omitted the cheat names below.)

  • Cheat Z
  • Since late June, we've detected constant attacks from this cheat.This cheat could cause a player to disconnect during a match and cause other players to be killed after dropping, which seriously disrupted the game.We have taken action as soon as it was brought to light, and we have also penalized the corresponding accounts.In early July, the cheat was successfully countered.In the most recent version, we have also comprehensively upgraded our scheme to crackdown on this cheat for a more effective and thorough defense.
  • Cheat M
  • In early August, through a player report, we discovered a YouTube channel and Telegram group in which people were selling a new type of Android cheating software. By modifying the client and embedding the cheat function in the cracked client, this type of cheat creates an invalid function that destroys the balance in the game.
  • Although the downloading and installation method is complex, our Security Team was able to detect it via "Renaming - Uninstalling - Installing - Replacing". After testing, it was found that this cheat has the following functions: "Zero Recoil, "Zero Screen Shake", "Auto-Aim", "Vision Expansion", and "Fog Removal".
  • With the Security Team's constant efforts of examining from both a dynamic and static perspective to analyze the cheat's behavior, we have successfully put an end to it and penalized all players who used the cheat by banning their account for ten years.
  • Auto-Aim
  • In Version 1.0, we focused on monitoring Auto-Aim hacking and have introduced a total of approximately 20 detection methods. We have successfully put Auto-Aim hacking under tight surveillance from all angles and increased the penalty of Auto-Aim hack usage at the same time.Meanwhile, we are still continuously improving and upgrading our detection methods.
  • Grass Hack
  • Grass hacks have always been around and have always managed to circumvent our Security. This cheat mainly serves to remove all Grass from the map to maliciously gain a visual advantage in battles.In view of the continuous battle between Grass Hack and the Official Team, we have greatly upgraded our Security system and effectively increased the sensitivity of our Grass Hack detection.


Replay Review System:

  • The Replay Review System will be made officially available in the near future. Players can watch match replays to help the Official Team determine whether the players in the replays exhibited cheating behaviors or not. Subsequently, the Official Team will take the feedback of multiple players as the key consideration to penalizing offenders.We sincerely invite all players to participate in Replay Review to jointly protect the gaming environment.


Version 1.0 Security Defense Tech Upgrade:

  • Further Optimized Spectating System:
  • In Version 0.19.0, after adding a new opponent spectating mechanism to determine whether to transmit the opponent's position to the spectator via the server, it has basically solved the issue of cheating via spectating.In this release, we have optimized and expanded the monitoring scope of enemy's position visibility via spectating.When a Main and Smurf account enters a match at the same time, even after the Main account kills the Smurf account, the Smurf Account will not be able to cheat via spectating.
  • Fixed Engine Security Issues:

In Version 1.0, we fixed some engine security risks.

  • Optimized the Impact of Security Monitoring on Performance:

In this version, we optimized the impact of security monitoring on performance and reduced the power consumption and lag caused by security monitoring.This ensures a smooth gaming experience while protecting the gaming environment.

  • Optimized the Process and Tools of Security Protocols:

We have optimized the process and tools for our security protocols to make future crackdowns on new cheats more effective.

  • Tightened Security Protocols on Livik Penalty Threshold:

This time, we have tightened the penalty threshold of various security protocols specifically for Livik, which will effectively detect and reduce cheaters in Livik.

  • Crackdown on Chat Channel Cheating Promotions:

Recently, we have been cracking down on cheat promotions in the chat channel and will continue to carry out clean-up works. Therefore, we ask for all players to actively report in.

  • Crackdown on Ranked TDM:

Recently, in view of the increasing cheaters in Ranked TDM and through players' feedback, we have strengthened our crackdown on cheating behaviors in Ranked TDM.



PUBG MOBILE provides an official way to make a report. Players, when you see a teammate or an opponent using a cheat, you can make a report through the following official channels, using game videos and screenshots:

  1. Tap the Report button on the Results Screen.
  2. In PUBG MOBILE - Settings - Contact Customer Service.
  3. Post a report in the PUBG MOBILE official forum:
  4. PUBG MOBILE official anti-cheat channels:




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