Randika "Super MOBA Gamer"
Jeje "I'm No.1"
Rahmad "Indonesia's popular streamer!"
syarief "Interesting streamer"
Anggi Julianata "Technical gamer from Cube TV"
Andy setyawan "Super MOBA gamer, humorous streamer on Cube TV"
Ahmad Naufal "Beat me if you can"
Odyseus "All-round gamer, skilled in mobile games and PC games"
Felliz Santang "Watch my excellent performance NOW!"
FearUs "MSC commentator, popular streamer on Cube TV"
Qyuu_Cosplayer "Super gamer from Cube TV"
SuperNayr "The most famous Indonesian PUBG player"
Ndrev1ce "Member of best Indonesian PUBG team-Aerowolf ADS"
NcSlasher "Member of best Indonesian PUBG team-Aerowolf ADS"
awkarinnn "Member of best Indonesian PUBG team-Aerowolf ADS"
Sarah Viloid " A Famous Cosplayer & super cute player!"
ZimzAjaib "Famous Indonesian Youtuber"
Kelvin "I like Chicken Dinner"
Angela Tan "Famous Host in Indonesia"
Tepe46 "Famous Indonesian PUBG Youtuber"
Jannine Weigel "Thai Singer and Youtuber , she loves to play game"
Hellgate "A funny YouTuber & Player"
FeelingRock "Thailand's top player in PUBG MOBILE"
Sir Mikey "Famous youtuber, well-known for his channel Guardian TV "
Cop "A HOT female player!"
หนูหน๋ม "She is so Cute~~"
fern "Top VJ in Bigo Live"
MIWA "TOP VJ in Bigo Live with PUBG MOBILE"
nongnom "A sexy gamer of PUBG MOBILE"
Dew "I like PUBG MOBILE"
BOY Pakorn "Famous Actor in Thailand"
Nhong Thana "Famous Actor in Thailand"
Chippie Sirin "Famous Actress in Thailand"
Antone Pinto "Thailand Boxer and Model. "
Cutto Lipta "Thai singer of Lipta 'band'."
Focus Jirakul "Famous Actress in Thailand"
Lowcost Cosplay "Famous Page Creator - Lowcost Cosplay!"
Rain Yokohama "Beat me? Not easy."
Sudlokomteen "A funny player"
RETPUCHPLS "Funny retouch photo creator"
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