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Patch Notes 0.4.0

2018-05-03 18:35:00

What’s new in Version 0.4.0:

Arcade Mode: a new mode with 28 players and one of the six following variations: Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, All Weapons, Melee Only, Pistols and Item Heaven.


Training Grounds: try out all the weapons and practice your shooting skills.


Combat Fine-Tuning:

Added Follow function (both before parachuting and after landing).

Added automatic door opening, can be enabled in Settings.

Pause between picking up multiple items automatically has been adjusted.

Added a performance chart to the Results screen:

Added a new background: Dusk

Now you can swap between 2-column view and 3-column view when viewing contents of a Crate.

Icon for teammate elimination disappears after a while.

Adjusted sound effects for footsteps, UI, vehicle and entering/exiting Blue Zone.

Adjusted voice chat issues:

Fixed crashing issues mentioned by some players.

Improved Bluetooth headset issues in iOS (not yet fully fixed).

Fixed an issue where Android does not show an error when the game does not have access to the microphone.

Now supports more devices.

Jumping is no longer affected by sprinting.

Crosshair is no longer blocked by the camera when next to a wall.

Leaning: movement speed increased, added “Lean & Open Scope” and “Lean & Fire”.

4x and 8x scope choppy issue resolved.

Added 3D Touch firing options to iOS.

Added animations for being attacked and defeated.

Perspective now switches to the killer after being killed.

Results screen now shows daily reward limits:

Improved firing animations.

Enhanced combat experience:

Shake/vibration improved.

Button feedback improved.

Leaning animation speed increased.

Animations of being attacked have been improved and randomized.



Vehicle Adjustments:

Added flipping tricks for motorcycles.

Added Nitrous Oxide engines to cars.

Previously used vehicles are now marked on the mini-map.

Added Rename Card (grants 1 name change).

Paid Content:

Added Rank 1 token coupons.

Items and chests now available in the Shop.

Added new outfits. Region-specific costumes coming soon.

Destroy additional outfits to reclaim currency and allow for purchasing new outfits.

Voice Chat: fixed an issue where voice chat stops working after creating groups.