Gameplay Templates

Gameplay Template: Complete gameplay templates, including gameplay devices, scene items and stages. Players can quickly edit the template to create similar gameplay to their own liking.


Erangel Mod:

1. Gameplay: Based on Classic Mode. 12 teams of 4 players battle it out without vehicles or AI. Other game content is the same as Classic Mode.

2. Initial Gameplay Devices: Spawn Point Device, Blue Zone Device, Air Drop Device, Red Zone Device, Parachute Device

3. Map Template: Erangel


Craft Mod:

1. Gameplay: 4v4 Team Deathmatch. The first team to score 60 eliminations within 15 minutes wins the game. Alternatively, if no team reaches the elimination target, the team with the higher score wins.

2. Gameplay Devices: HUD Control Device, Item Spawn Device, Spawn Point Device, Respawn Management Device, Item Issuance Device

3. Map Template: New map — Kapok Mansion (built using World of Wonder objects)

Blank Map Templates (name subject to change)

Map templates that borrow some elements from Erangel. No preset rules. Empty maps.


Bird's Perch: 100×100 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.

Coral Reef: 300×300 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.

Jade Realm: 500×500 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.

Erangel: 8000×8000 empty map template. Can be used to create new game rules and freely build upon.

Gameplay Device

Gameplay Device Info: Gameplay devices with dedicated logic that can provide gameplay mechanics, interactivity, and communication. Can be used together with game parameters to create unique gameplay.


Device Types:

1. Spawn Point Device: Set a point for players to spawn from.

2. Classic Blue Zone Device: Create multiple Blue Zones.

3. Basic Blue Zone Device: Create a single Blue Zone.

4. Waypoint Device: Used for racing gameplay by guiding players to the next marked location.

5. Motorcycle Spawn Device: Used to spawn Motorcycles.

6. Red Zone Device: Used to set up Red Zones.

7. Air Drop Device: Used to set up air drop supplies.

8. Parachute Device: Used to set a flight path and parachuting.

9. Match Ending Device: Used to set the end conditions of a game.

10. Occupation Device: Used for occupation or area defense game types.

11. AI Spawn Device: Used to spawn AI types.

12. Map Indicator Device: Used to set markers on the map.

13. Item Spawn Device: Used to spawn equipment and supplies on the map.

14. Class Design Device: Used to assign players a class.

15. Points Management Device: Used to keep track of and display a score as well as corresponding rules.

16. Obstruction Device: Create a custom-sized cover that can restrict player movement.

17. Item Issuance Device: Issue items straight to players' backpacks.

18. Coupe Spawn Device: Used to spawn 2-door race cars and adjust their parameters.

19. HUD Control Device: Controls what displays on the HUD.

20. Team Management Device: Used to adjust team attributes and game-end requirements.

21. Timing Device: Set various timers for triggering actions.

22. Checkpoint Device: Can set a point, that when triggered by a player, prioritizes spawning them there.

23. Tank Spawn Device: Used to spawn tanks.

24. Respawn Management Device: Used to set various respawn-related settings.

25. Skill Management Device: Used to assign or delete skills from corresponding players.

Match Parameter Settings

Game Parameter Content: Controls the whole game by editing and controlling the game's logic parameters. Used in conjunction with Game Devices to create complete gameplay.


Game Parameter Info:

Game Settings: Parameters that control the gameplay, including the number of players, teams, matchmaking type, round settings, game end conditions, and more.

Character Settings: Parameters that control character attributes like Health, jumping ability, respawn method, damage, and more.

Item Settings: Parameters that control items, including how many items spawn, and the proportion of items such as firearms, melee weapons, consumables, equipment, attachments, and more.

UI Settings: Parameters that control the UI display, score info, HUD, points, stats, win/loss, results page, and more.

Creatable game types for reference:

World of Wonder Gameplay Types:


Team Deathmatch: Two teams battle it out with unlimited respawns to see who can reach the target elimination score first.

Gun Game: Eliminate an enemy to upgrade your weapon. The first player to use every weapon to score an elimination wins.

Battle Royale Variation: Battle Royale with various twists.

Box Fight: Small battleground with lots of weapons and ammo.

Deathmatch Battleground: Includes large-scale maps and Classic maps. Players eliminate enemies for points, and respawn immediately after getting eliminated. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Jumping Snipers: A special 6v6 arena-style mode on a special map. The only weapons are snipers and daggers. Characters have low gravity.

Occupation Mode: Players on two teams compete over 3 locations, A, B, and C. Each occupied location adds 1 point after every interval of time. The team to first reach the target score wins.

Special Weapon Mode: Select special weapons to do battle (e.g. snipers, melee weapons).

Racing Gameplay: The fastest player to reach the finish line wins.

Escape Gameplay: Players must escape and reach a designated area to win.

Stage Type: Gameplay type using special set up locations.

Tank Battle: Various gameplay involving tanks to do battle.

Map Building

Scene Building: Players are provided parts, decorations, and building prefabs, to enable them to create all kinds of structures.


1. Players can freely edit the gameplay devices and objects in the map.

2. Basic parts: 77 basic parts including walls, floors, stairs, windows, cubes, pillars, arches, semi circles, and more.

3. 42 material types including grass, stone, wood, marble, brick, and more.

4. 29 building prefabs including skyscrapers, lofts, lighthouses, warehouses, and more.

5. 146 decorations including, hotels, lightouses, pavilions, flowerbeds, warehouses, and more.



1. Provide players with a feature to edit gameplay objects and scene objects in map templates.

2. Basic Features: Target selection, place, copy, delete, rotate, zoom in and out, add to quick bar, group, free fly, use as throwable, building part, and more.

3. Advanced Features: Using logic and specific parameters, start/end rules, preview mode, and building generation.

4. Editing, publishing, and review process.

Imagination Plaza

Large 110x110 themed area. Two in Erangel located at Stalber and Quarry. Contains lots of crates. Occupy all 4 locations with small crates to compete for the large crate in the center. Obtain lots of advanced supplies from it.

Imagination District

Small 60x60 themed area. 7 in Erangel and 3 in Livik. Contains supply rewards that can be obtained after occupying locations. Obtain a small amount of advanced supplies from them.

Block Cover

New themed item: It can be found in crates and all over the map. It consists of 3 shapes. After use, it will create a wall out of blocks, which can be used as cover or as a bridge. It can also be used as an elevator when placed directly below a player's feet.

Portable Trampoline

Can be picked up from the ground or from a crate. Place the trampoline on the ground and approach it to jump and quickly move about.

Dual-Purpose Cannon

Can be picked up from the ground or from a crate. Place it down to launch yourself a medium distance, or launch various throwables a farther distance than throwing them.

Supply Converter

All players have access to this feature in the themed mode. Use the device in the backpack to get new supplies by converting them 2-for-1. Apart from typical Classic Mode supplies, the supplies can even be converted into items from past seasons or even all-new items.


Waterfall update: The waterfall effects have been improved. Its color is now more aligned with Livik's overall visuals.

Payload Updates

New Tank: Has both extreme firepower and high defense. Available on Erangel.

New Tank Flare Gun: Use a special Tank Flare Gun to call a Tank to the battleground.

New Shop Recalls: Players can now spend Shop Tokens at the Shop to recall a fallen teammate. This is a much safer method compared to going to a Recall Tower.

Metro Royale Updates

1. New Workstation feature: Use the Workstation on the main Metro Royale page to dismantle Locked Crates. It takes a while to finish dismantling and get the rewards. There is a small chance of obtaining Fabled equipment. Use Speed Boost Vouchers to speed up the dismantling time. Speed Up Vouchers are sold in the Black Market, and only cost a small amount of Metro Cash. Complete event missions to get a Locked Crate. They can also be purchased in the Black Market for a small amount of Metro Cash.

2. New Equipment Protection feature: Can be purchased on the equipment page with Metro Cash. After purchasing, there is a chance of dropping 1 less equipment when failing to evacuate. Equipment Protection remains until it triggers.

3. Elimination Broadcasts by the player and teammates now play during gameplay.

4. Improved some layouts in Misty Port and fixed the issue with some floating items.

5. Fixed the issue with the firing interval of grenade launchers shortening under certain actions.

Supply Shop Updates

Supply Shops are now available in Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Payload. More resource points with Shop Tokens have been added.

Firearms & Vehicles

Firearm Placement Adjustment:

The NS2000 shotgun has been added to Livik.


Light Machine Gun Balance Adjustments:



Improved the DP28's default ammo count. It now comes with a full clip of 47 bullets when picking it up.

Improved the DP28's accuracy when hip firing.

Improved the DP28's damage to limbs.

Slightly improved the running speed with the DP28 equipped.



Slightly improved the M249's base damage to 41.

Lowered the M249's muzzle movement when firing.

Lowered the M249's muzzle movement when firing.


New tactical attachment and slots:

DP28 and M249 can be equipped with the Gun Shield attachment. Once equipped, it will automatically unfold when players lay prone with a DP28 or M249 and can help block enemy gunfire.


Firearm Animation Adjustments:

Improved the reload animation of the S1897, DBS, Win94, Kar98K, Mosin-Nagant, M24, and AWM.

Added a firearm inspection animation to all firearms aside from pistols, crossbows, and melee weapons.


Vehicle Placement Adjustment:

The Monster Truck has been added to Miramar.

  • New Season: Cycle 4 Season 11

    1. New rewards: New Legendary items: C4S11 Glasses, C4S11 Set, C4S11 Parachute, C4S11 - Groza, C4S11 Mask, C4S11 Cover.

    2. Tier Protection displayed in the Lobby has been improved. Special icons will be used in the next match.

    3. Season Shop display has been improved. Current season items will be highlighted, and general display details will be added.

    4. Season Recaps can now be shared to Moments and Clans.