#How to Enter: Mode Selection - Ranked/Unranked - Livik
New Environments: In the official version of Livik, all urban areas have been redesigned and all structures and graphics have been upgraded to deliver more diverse combat experiences and strategic depth.
New Vehicle: Use the new four-seater UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) to move quickly.
New Supplies: At the beginning of the match, a gold-colored advanced supply zone will spawn in a random urban area on the map. This area is filled with loads of supplies and Shop Tokens.
New Gameplay: Enjoy more super fun mini-games in the official version of Livik. Start exploring with your friends now!
- Random Crates and Treasure Maps: Crates filled with equipment and items will now appear randomly on the map, allowing you to find better supplies faster. Treasure Maps will also help you locate nearby Supply Crates quickly!
- Wild Berries: Consume wild berries to replenish Energy and keep yourself on the battlefield longer!
- Soccer Challenge: Blomster now has a special soccer field. Show off your skills and score goals to obtain Shop Token rewards!
- Storage Room: A batch of firearms has been stored inside the Aqueduct. Use firearms or explosives to break through the walls and claim it for yourself!
- Zipline: Approach new Ziplines and attach yourself to zip over to the other side.
Airdrop Mark: A special plane will appear during the match to deliver airdrops containing abundant supplies. The location of the airdrop will be shown on the map. Be sure to get there first!
Recall Towers: When playing a match in Duo or Squad mode, players can recall defeated teammates once at a Recall Tower. If your teammate has been defeated, don't lose heart. Find a Recall Tower and turn the situation around!
Supply Shop: Collect Shop Tokens during the match and use them to purchase equipment and items at the Supply Shop to make yourself even harder to eliminate!
Volcanic Eruption: The Dormant Volcano is threatening to erupt again, so be careful! Keep your distance from secondary explosions caused by eruptions, or hide in buildings!
Feel the thrilling rush of battle as the 6th Angel and EVA-01 confront each other once again!
#How to Enter: Mode Selection - Ranked Mode - Erangel Themed Map/Livik Themed Map
(Livik themed mode is simplified and will not contain IP elements such as the Angel battle)

Special Blue Zone Mechanic: In this mode, the Blue Zone is quite different from Classic Mode. The Playzone will be restricted to a random 3.5km × 3.5km area at the beginning of a match, and this Playzone will continue to shrink as the match progresses.
Arrival of the Angel: The 6th Angel is invading Erangel! The Angel appears on Spawn Island and fires a massive laser, inspiring awe in all that bear witness.
Defensive Fortress
- The Defensive Fortresses along the Angel's path will automatically open fire on it. When the Angel launches a counterattack, it will heavily damage the fortress changing its structure.
- When a fortress is in good condition, the second floor will be off limits. This means players can only search for supplies on the first floor. After the fortress gets damaged, a rich cache of supplies will become accessible in the Armory on the second floor.
- The Mechanized Barriers around the fortress can move. Make the barriers move up or down to utilize a variety of strategies and tactics.
Supply Crates
- New Supply Crates can be found throughout the battlefield. Don't overlook them when searching for supplies!
- Supply Crates that are attached to devices on the ground contain even more supplies. Players must approach them to make them rise up to ground level before they can be opened.
New Mechanic: Added the Emergency Pickup. If you need to move to the Playzone quickly, try deploying an Emergency Pickup!
It will summon a rescue plane that'll pick you up and fly toward the Playzone. You can choose to jump anywhere along the route! Only available in Erangel and Miramar in Ranked and Unranked Mode.
New System: New Interactive Haptics System. Added a haptic feedback feature to give players real-time feedback for various actions. Enable haptics on the Settings screen to enjoy a more immersive game experience!
New Adjustment: Shotguns have been buffed! Carry one with you and experience the thrill of close range shooting.
- Increased the hit damage ratio of shotguns from 1.25 to 1.5 for headshots and from 0.9 to 1.05 for limb shots. Increased damage at long distance.
- Expanded the capacity of the S12K to 10 rounds.
- Improved the pump-action speed of the S1897.
- Slightly increased the basic damage of Sawed-off Shotguns.
  • Cycle 2 Season 6 has arrived! Come collect the new season-exclusive set!

  • Season Period:

    May 19 02:00–July 18 23:59 (UTC+2)

  • Season Rewards:

    C2S6 Glasses, C2S6 Set, C2S6 Parachute, C2S6 - QBU, C2S6 Mask, C2S6 Cover.

  • Tier Rules Adjustment:

    Bronze tier now consists of 3 mini-tiers, and Silver tier now consists of 6 mini-tiers. No changes have been made to Gold tier and above.