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Metro Adventure

how to play

A wooden pier will connect the main island to Cheer Park Island to make it more convenient to access Cheer Park Island. Cheer Park Island will be furnished with a Love Projector,Two-seater Swing, Trampoline, and Hot Air Balloon. Jump up into the air or ride the Hot Air Balloon and look down. Wow! It's a giant bunny doll! Has your heart melted from its cuteness yet?

Starting from February 13, team up with your friends and participate in the Dream Team event to get special Results Emotes that can be used when a match ends! You'll also get rewards and get to open Lucky Draw crates after completing missions!

You can grow Heart Trees with Sunlight, Hearts, and Water. You can get these 3 items by spending time in the game, teaming up for matches, and chatting with friends. Grow Heart Trees in matches and have romantic moments with your friends!

Starting from February 24, B.Duck will be drifting through Erangel! B.Duck will drift freely, but if you want it to travel through the whole map, you'll need to give it some help. Collect Gas Cans by completing matches to help B.Duck complete its journey! Check-in with B.Duck at the scenic spots of all the maps!

Metro Adventure
Metro Adventure