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New Items
Hot Air Balloon
Players can enter the Hot Air Balloon and control its altitude. If the Hot Air Balloon rises above the playzone, players can parachute out.
Yellow crates
Restores HP and randomly drops Med Kits and Helmets.
Blue crates
Restores Energy and randomly drops Throwables and Scopes.
Red crates
Repairs Helmets and Vests and randomly drops Firearms and Ammo.
Jungle Food
These edible berries grant a random buff or debuff:  sense air drops, recover energy, or cause dizziness.
Jungle Adventure
Exploration Squad
Sanhok Relic Hunt
More Info

Mysterious Jungle
New Discoveries Await

Jungle Adventure

Event Period: 6/1 - 06/14

Players can find Hot Air Balloons in Sanhok and ride them to search for Totems on the ground.
Players can interact with Totems to get Lost Trunks (max one per player per match) and take them to the Rainforest Hunt Event Page in the Game Lobby, where they can be opened for random rewards and an increased chance of Totem Fragments.
Collect seven Totem Fragments to exchange them for the final reward.

Event Rewards: BP, AG, Summertime Hawaiian Shirt

Exploration Squad

Event Period: 6/13 - 6/25

Up to 4 friends can be invited to join the road trip. Crew members can earn Diesel by completing a game or killing 5 enemies in Classic Mode.
Use Diesel to advance the vehicle. Reaching a certain distance will grant players rewards.

Event Rewards: Random Crates (BP, AG, Supply Crate Coupon Scraps, Classic Crate Coupon Scraps), AG, Classic Crate Coupons, Ancestral Tears - QBU (7d), and Jungle Prey Parachute (15d)

Sanhok Relic Hunt

Event Period: 6/24 - 7/06

Complete Daily Missions to obtain Mysterious Feathers. Players can also dig up Mysterious Feathers by finding Treasure Maps in random places in matches and following their coordinates.
Mysterious Feathers can be exchanged for rewards on the Event Page in the Game Lobby.

Event Rewards: "Jungle Warrior" Title (30d), Sand Dune - SCAR-L (3d), Casual Stroll Set (5d), and Killer Whale Parachute (3d)