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New Items
Monster Truck
All new exclusive Livik 4-seat vehicle,it's the best around for crossing over low obstacles and getting that chicken dinner!
A new precision firearm using the 5.56mm round with a capacity of 20 bullets is here.It can be outfitted with muzzle, grip, and magazine attachments to be a beast on the battlefield.When fully kitted, the Mk12 has excellent control, high stability, and fast reloads.
SMG - P90
The P90 uses the 9mm round and holds 50 bullets in a magazine.The P90 has single, burst, and full-auto firing modes.It's going to be the top pick in Livik with its high rate of fire and capacity.
Barrel Extender
An attachment that can be outfitted with most weapons,increasing the firearm's effective range and mitigating damage reduction of bullets over distance.
Event Details
Livik Adventure
Whenever a match is completed in Livik, 1 random region will be unlocked on the event page. Unlocking a region also unlocks the profiles and missions corresponding to the region. There are both Personal Missions and Team Missions. Complete Team Missions with your friends and collect the corresponding rewards.
Event Period: July 7 to July 13
Event Rewards: Black Commander Set (2d), AG, RP Mission Cards, etc.
Lucky Workshop
The Workshop produces 4 types of items: Wood, Aluminum Blocks, Steel, and Lighters. A production countdown will be displayed in the Workshop when you visit it after the event starts. Wood, Aluminum Blocks, and Steel have a production countdown and can be taken by your friends, but Lighters don't have a production time and can only be picked up by yourself. Interact with the Spark the Flame statue in Classic Mode to get event boost items. These can increase production speed, protect your items from being taken, or give you a pick-up boost. Collect items to open the crates for rewards. Each of the 3 crates is opened with a different item, but Lighters can be used to open any of the crates. There is a limit to boost items and the number of items you can take from friends every day.
Event Period: July 10 to July 19
Event Rewards: Inner Fire Set (3d), Two-Tone Parachute (2d), Desert Camo - SCAR-L (2d), Desert Camo - SKS (2d), AG, Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, Supply Crate Coupon Scrap, etc.