New UX

We have organized the main lobby into 3 separate spaces.One space for each of the following, combat, socializing, and shopping. As well as launched an innovative multi-screen switching mode exclusively for PUBG MOBILE, enabling players to quickly, and smoothly, switch from space to space.


Match lobby


Store Lobby


Social Lobby

New Erangel

Tour of Erangel

1.0 Update Introduction

Mylta Power



New Elements

Updated Urban Areas


Updated Urban Areas

More realistic graphics, both the color quality and layering of the vegetation and sky have been improved. Combined with the ocean's new effects and gradual depth change, it's a more immersive experience when playing!

Cheer Park

Updated Cheer Park and added Contests, players can train their skills with their weapon, and the player who achieves the winning objective first wins. Added a two-seater swingset, romantic boats, and hot air balloons for that romantic getaway. Go see the upgraded Training Grounds.

More Highlights