A World Created by Players, For Players

PUBG MOBILE's first global community-sourced co-creation program

PUBG MOBILE hopes to include its global community of players in the creation of its content.
To date, we have held several design contests around the world,
and we look forward to holding even more in the future,
including design challenges centered on firearms, backpacks, parachutes, graffiti, and many more.

In addition, the winning works in the 2020 Outfit Design Contest will be officially revealed on July 10th!
Take part in the PUBG MOBILE 1.5: IGNITION pre-registration event now,
and you will also receive 1 permanent outfit designed by a winner of the 2020 Outfit Design Contest.

The 2021 Global Outfit Design Contest will also kick off on July 10th, 2021.
We made the following upgrades:

Get ready!

PUBG MOBILE has long been aware of the tremendous potential of community-created content.
Numerous outstanding works have emerged during various events,
including our Theme Song Cover Contest,

Fortune's Power Contest, Battle For Glory Cover Contest, and 3rd Anniversary Fan Art Contest on Pixiv.


Battle for Glory [METAL]
Guitarrista de Atena feat. Airton Araujo




Battle for Glory
Cover by Freessbee #PUBGMPDP

We plan to launch even more community-focused events across the world in the second half of 2021.
These events will create even more exposure for local,
lesser-known artists as part of our efforts to build up a community-driven art ecosystem for players and content creators who love PUBG MOBILE.

Get ready!

PUBG MOBILE has great appreciation for all kinds of artistic output from various parts of the world.
We are committed to developing our new game content together with a broad spectrum of local artists and museums that focus on all forms of art, albeit classical or contemporary.
In fact, PUBG MOBILE is about to embark on a collaboration with the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Get ready!

To fuel the creativity of artists everywhere,
we are also building an art library that will be open to players and content creators all over the world.
Materials that will be made available through this library include images, 3D models, and creative specifications.

We aim to provide our community with the most convenient creation tools in the shortest time possible.

Currently under development, stay tuned!