Includes everything offered by Elite Pass, and grants 25 ranks at 40% off compared to Elite Pass.

Immediately get

10,000 UC

worth of rewards


Costs 600 UC. After purchase, players will get better rewards and rank up faster via elite missions.

Immediately get

4,000 UC

worth of rewards


Open to all players. Earn Royale Points from missions, items and crates to rank up and collect rewards.

Collect Free Rewards

(Also available to Elite Pass holders)


Royale Pass is the main way for players to get rewards in the game. Royale Pass Points can be obtained in the following ways to increase the rank:

Complete weekly challenges and participate in events to get Royale Pass Point Cards that grant RP Points.

Complete Royale Pass Daily Missions and Challenge Missions. Elite Pass holders will have access to Elite Missions to rank up faster.

Sometimes opening crates will also award free Royale Pass Points.

Participate in in-game events to get more free Royale Pass Points.

Reach max rank and get 600 UC towards upgrading next season's pass. Elite Royale Pass rewards are worth 30,000 UC!