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Prosperous Spring
Make lantern
1. During the event period, collect up to 10 Lantern materials from Classic matches daily.
2. Collect five different materials to make a Lantern. Collect the required quantity of all five materials to light up the Lanterns and collect rewards.
3. You can gift unused materials to your friends, as well as request materials from friends.
4. Requests can be sent to friends to trade currently owned materials. If the friend does not accept the trade in time or cancels the trade, the materials will be returned to the inventory.
5. Unused materials will be converted into BP and sent to your mailbox after the end of the event.
Red Packets await you
1. From 01/24 to 01/28, Red Packets will drop from the main menu at a specific time period.
2. Each drop lasts for 30 minutes, and players may collect up to 5 Red Packets.
3. Open Red Packets to get one of the following: BP, Silver, Classic Coupon Scraps, Golden Redemption Card, Silver Redemption Card, or Bronze Redemption Card.
4. Gold Redemption Card: contact customer service to get the physical Golden Helmet reward.
5. Silver Redemption Card: contact customer service to get a pair of AirPods.
6. Bronze Redemption Card: A USD 20 Google Play or App Store gift card.
7. Players that won the Gold Redemption Card and the Silver Redemption Card should contact customer service under Settings before 03/28/20 and provide their shipping address for the physical rewards. Please use the #redpacket hashtag when contacting customer service for faster processing.
8. Gift card codes will be sent to winners via in-game mail 30 days after the end of the event. The type will be determined by the device registered.
9. All PUBG MOBILE players will be able to participate this event for free with an equal chance to win a reward.
1. The golden helmet is created with silver and coated in gold. It is worth about USD 500 and 10 will be given out to players.
2. AirPods are USD 175 each. 50 pairs will be given.
3. Gift cards are USD 20 each, but will be converted to players' local currencies. 1,000 cards will be given.
4. Gift cards cannot be returned.
5. PUBG MOBILE reserves the right to interpret the event rules.
6. Should you have any inquiries regarding the event, please contact our customer service under Settings or by email.
For the first time ever, a Golden Helmet! Dazzling Luxurious Limited Quantity Free draw There are also AirPods, Google Play and App Store gift cards, and great in-game items!
You will have two chances to get red packets on January 24, 2020.
From January 25 to January 28, you will have one chance each day to get red packets.
Join in the festivities according to your local time.
Some locations will start at different times according to their respective time zones.
Special Drop Regular Drop
1/24 UTC 15:30 — 16:00 1/24-1/28 UTC 12:00 -12:30
Group 1 Local Time Group 2 Local Time
Mexico 09:30-10:00 Ireland 12:00-12:30
Canada(Ottawa) 10:30-11:00 Portugal(Lisbon)
Columbia The United Kingdom
Peru Morocco 13:00-13:30
United State(Washington D.C) Algeria
Ecuador (Quito) Angola
Chile 12:30-13:00 Austria
Argentina Belgium
Brazil Poland
Ireland 15:30-16:00 Denmark
Portugal Germany
United Kingdom France
Morocco 16:30-17:00 Congo
Algeria Netherlands
Angola Czech
Austria Nigeria
Belgium Norway
Poland Sweden
Denmark Switzerland
Germany Slovakia
France Tunisia
Congo Spain
Netherlands Hungary
Czech Italy
Nigeria Egypt 14:00-14:30
Norway State of Palestine
Sweden Botswana
Switzerland Zimbabwe
Slovakia Lesotho
Tunisia Lebanon
Spain Libya
Hungary Romania
Italy Malawi
Egypt 17:30-18:00 Mozambique
State of Palestine Namibia
Botswana South Africa
Zimbabwe Swaziland
Lesotho Greece
Lebanon Jordan
Libya Zambia
Romania Ukraine
Malawi Israel
Mozambique Turkey 15:00-15:30
Namibia Ethiopia
South Africa Bahrain
Swaziland Belarus
Greece Russia(Moscow)
Jordan Qatar
Zambia Kuwait
Ukraine Kenya
Israel Saudi Arabia
Turkey 18:30-19:00 Tanzania
Ethiopia Uganda
Bahrain Yemen
Belarus Iraq
Russia(Moscow) Azerbaijan 16:00-16:30
Qatar United Arab Emirates
Kuwait Oman
Kenya Pakistan 17:00-17:30
Saudi Arabia Maldives
Tanzania Sri Lanka 17:30-18:00
Uganda India
Yemen Nepal 17:45-18:15
Iraq Kazakhstan (Astana) 18:00-18:30
Azerbaijan 19:30-20:00 Bangladesh
United Arab Emirates Myanmar 18:30-19:00
Oman Other Country 19:00-19:30
Pakistan 20:30-21:00 Cambodia
Maldives Thailand
Sri Lanka 21:00-21:30 Indonesia
India Vietnam
Nepal 21:15-21:45 Chinese Macao 20:00-20:30
Kazakhstan(Astana) 21:30-22:00 Philippines
Bangladesh Malaysia
Myanmar 22:00-22:30 Singapore
Other Country 22:30-23:00 China
Cambodia Chinese Hongkong
Thailand Chinese Taipei
Indonesia Mongolia(Ulaanbaatar)
Vietnam South Korea 21:00-21:30
Chinese Macao 23:30-24:00 Japan
Philippines Australia(Canberra) 23:00-23:30
Malaysia New Zealand(Wellington) 01:00-01:30(+1 DAY)
Singapore 1/24-1/28
UTC 24:00 — 24:30(+1)
China Group 1 Local Time
Chinese Hongkong Mexico 18:00-18:30
Chinese Taipei Canada(Ottawa) 19:00-19:30
Mongolia(Ulaanbaatar) Colombia
UTC 14:30 — 15:00
Group 2 Local Time United State(Washington D.C)
South Korea 23:30-24:00 Ecuador (Quito)
Japan Chile 21:00-21:30
Australia(Canberra) 01:30-02:00(+1 DAY) Argentina
New Zealand(Wellington) 03:30-04:00(+1 DAY) Brazil
New Year's Eve Pack
New Year's Eve Pack
Log in on Lunar New Year's Eve to get a Year of the Rat themed pack!
Grand Prize
Event Period
Daily Events

Log in for a total of 7 days during the New Year Event to collect the grand prize!Event Period: 01/17 - 01/30

Great discounts! Spend a little daily to get amazing gifts and a chance at permanent items!Event Period: 01/17 - 01/31

Prosperous Spring is here with a bang! Complete specified missions to collect Firecrackers to exchange for permanent items!Event Period: 01/17 - 01/30

Get on it! Finish collecting materials to make Grab Bags for a chance at the grand prize! Event Period: 01/17 - 02/01

Happy Prosperous Spring! We've prepared fireworks for everyone on Spawn Island. Let's celebrate the new year!Event Period: 01/17 - 02/02

Prosperous Spring: Login Rewards
Daily Special Packs
Spring Festival: Exchanges
Create Grab Bags for Rewards
Spawn Island Fireworks

Red Packet Paper

Red Packet Paper

Festive Painting

Festive Painting