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Team Gun Game: Library
Master all of the firearms!
The Ancient Secret
Period: August 5 to September 1 Players can choose whether or not to take part in this mode. If they decide to take part in this mode, they will see the large Ancient Temple in Erangel and Miramar. After entering the Ancient Temple, players will be able to interact with the environment to decrypt and explore the Ancient Temple, as well as challenge the boss to get great rewards, but players only have 1 chance in each match. Small ruins, which contain crates and puzzles, will also appear randomly in the map.
Treasure Hunter
7/30–8/6 During the event, Erangel will be split into 3 areas. and one area will unlock every 48 hours. 3 statues in each area. Each statue contains one clue to the treasure. Find all three statues in one area to unlock a piece of the treasure map and a reward. Give your friends clues about the Ancient Statues! Team up with your friends to find the treasure!
Event Rewards: Mystical Feline Set (10d), AG, Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, Blue Glider Trail
Day vs. Night
8/4–8/19 Day vs. Night has two different states: Day mode and Night mode. The event starts in Day mode after it is refreshed each day. Night falls after 3 matches are completed. At the very beginning, only 3 matches can be played in Night mode (this increases to up to 7 matches as players gain more points). Players are awarded points for every match according to their performance and can collect event points to get point rewards. Players can accept Challenge Missions that have a point multiplier bonus in Night mode. Completing these will give the player a point multiplier bonus that increases their points from both Day mode and Night mode. Players can also make wishes in Night mode. It is possible to collect a crate immediately by making a wish. The first wish of each day is free, and Silver can be used to make 9 more wishes every day
Event Rewards:Temple Guardian Set

Explore the Ancient Secret