6km x 6km snow map with nowhere to hide!


Exclusive Weather: Heavy Snow

Severe Weather Alert: A blizzard is coming!

Exclusive Vehicle: Snowmobile

Good idea: Dodge bullets with a snowmobile.

Bad idea: Amuse others by drifting with a snowmobile.

All-New Firearm Finish Upgrade System

Go to the Lab to upgrade your firearm finishes, from appearance to special effects!

How do I upgrade firearm finishes? Check out the Upgrade page.


Brand New Snow Day Events

Join the Snow Day events for a chance to win Glacier - M416, an upgradable firearm finish!

Complete daily missions to get Treasure Vouchers, or spend UC to play Lucky Treasure for a chance to get firearm finish upgrade materials or the upgradable Glacier - M416 finish itself, or even Holiday outfits!

And don't worry about luck - every player will get the upgradable Glacier - M416 finish after playing Lucky Treasure 120 times. If you already own it, it will be dismantled into upgrade materials automatically.

Snow Theme H5 Mini Game

Experience the Snow Theme with this mini game!