New Mode
Perform tricks on the snowwith the Snowboard.Reach a certain speed to perform freestyle stricks.Going down will be fast, but coming back up is difficult.
Cable Car
Use this to travel from the foot of the mountain to the peak. You can fire weapons and use throwables from the cable car. Enjoy Erangel whileriding the cable car with friends.
Frozen Egg
Build an ice statueby tossing a Frozen Egg. The Snow Chicken Sculpture looks good and provides great cover. It can save your life in a pinch.
RageGear - TDM Endless respawns! Earn 1 point for each enemy vehicle destroyed. Destroy the required number of vehicles first to win. All sorts of vehicle items may drop at any time in the game New RageGear mode in EvoGround! 12 players in teams of 2 will compete against one another as 2 factions, with 3 teams on each side. The two players are randomly assigned as the Driver and Shooter, and they will fight together in the same vehicle. RageGear - Pick Up Endless respawns! Point Crates drop in the middle of the map. Collect the required number of Point Crates first to win. Point Crates collect will be lostwhen the vehicle is destroyed. So all it takes is one mistaketo lose everything.
Vehicle Weapons
Each vehicle is mounted witha powerful weapon.This includes the Gatling, Shotgun, or RPG.
Shooter Weapons
The shooter fight with special weapons,which are the Gatling, RPG, Grenade Launcher and the M249.
Vehicle Items
These items are meant to be used on vehicles,and have different effects on the strategy. There are Shields, Mines and Smoke Grenades.
Become immune to all damage for 4 seconds.
Place this on the ground to deal area-wide explosion damage.
Smoke Grenade
Stops vehicle weapons from locking onto targetsfor 10 seconds. Strategy and cooperation are the keys to victory.
Strategy and cooperation are the keys to victory. There are two different modes in RageGear. RageGear -TDM Pick Up But they are equally fun! Time to get your friends together and enjoy a high-speed fight in RageGear! Teaming up with friends that you've worked with is your key to victory!
  • RageGear - TDM
  • RageGear
  • RageGear - Pick Up
Winter Winter Chicken Dinner!