Reporting Cheating in PUBG MOBILE  
2021-01-29 15:34:15

Hello everyone!

We've recently received a lot of feedback from players saying that, after encountering cheating, they don't know where to go to report them, which allows the cheaters to get off scot-free.In order for every player to have a good gaming experience, the PUBG MOBILE Team has always strived to maintain a fair and balanced game environment for everyone.We are cracking down on any behavior that violates the game's rules. We have zero tolerance toward cheaters and, upon discovering any instances of cheating, will address them resolutely and severely.


We hope that whenever players encounter cheating, they can pro-actively report it so that we can work together to maintain a good gaming environment. We will now show a few ways in which cheating can be reported.


Currently, cheating can be reported via three main channels: the in-game reporting system, Customer Service, and from within the PUBG MOBILE community.


Option 1: The In-Game Reporting System

1.If players have been killed in a match that involved cheats, wait until the game finishes. Then tap the Report button on the bottom left of the result page to report the player that used cheats.


2.If the player using cheats is your friend, you can go to their Data page, select Tier Overview on the right side of the page, and tap Report in the bottom right corner to report them.

3.If the player using cheats isn't on your friend list, but you know their nickname or ID, you can go to the Add Friend page and search for them by their nickname or ID.After finding them, tap their avatar to enter their Data page, select Tier Overview on the right side of the page, and tap Report in the bottom right corner to report them.




Option 2: Customer Service

If you encounter cheating in a match, you can also go to the Customer Service section in the game settings and report the player using cheats by providing us with a video link of the cheat.Tap the triangle icon at the bottom right to enter the Settings screen, look for Customer Service, and tap to enter.

*If you want to report cheating via the in-game Customer Service, please contact us and send a message with the keywords Report Cheating and proceed with the following steps:


*When entering the message, please include the character name, ID, or other key information on the player you want to report, and provide us with a video link so we can investigate further. Please use the following format:

*Subject: Report cheating (cheater's nickname or character ID)

*Content: Report cheating (cheater's nickname or character ID)

*Video Link: XXX.XXX.XXX

Cheat Description: (Type of cheat or cheating behavior)

Cheat Source: Optional (websites offering cheats or other important information)

When providing the cheater's information and the video of them cheating, note the following points:

1.Please provide us with a link to an HD video of the cheating process that you recorded. This way, we can investigate further.

(The video must be as brief and to the point as possible while clearly showing the player cheating)

2.Please provide us with the correct nickname or character ID of the player that was using cheats so that we can investigate them as soon as possible.

(You must provide character ID at the very least. This will help us correctly locate the cheater)

3.In order to report cheating more effectively and conveniently, we recommend that you use the in-game reporting system by tapping the Report button directly in the game. Thank you for your support!



Option 3: The PUBG MOBILE Community

In addition to the in-game reporting system and the Customer Service, we have also added dedicated channels for giving feedback on cheating to each country's community forum.

If you encounter cheating in the game, you can share a report on the official PUBG Discord forum or through an official PUBG MOBILE anti-cheat channel:

  • Post a report on the official PUBG Discord forum

Post a report on the PUBG MOBILE official forum:



  • Post a report in an official PUBG MOBILE anti-cheat channel

PUBG MOBILE official anti-cheat channels:

Region-specific URLs:



Middle East:

North America:








The 3 options above can be used to report all kinds of cheating behavior and players. Please familiarize yourself with them.In order to crack down on cheating more quickly and correctly, we recommend that you prioritize using the in-game reporting system to report players who violate the rules. This will help us handle reports more efficiently. Report information and results can be viewed at any time in the Security Zone.


Players can enter the Security Zone by tapping on the arrow in the lower right corner of the Main Menu and selecting BAN on the right side of the page.In the Security Zone, tap Questions on the left side of the page to view the player reported, when they were reported, and the result of the investigation.



The PUBG MOBILE Team will take stringent measures against all kinds of behavior that violate the game's rules. We also treat all players' feedback on cheating very seriously. We hope you will all join the PUBG MOBILE Team in cracking down on cheating!Fighting cheatingis everyone's responsibility!