PUBG MOBILE 1.5 Security Improvements
2021-07-15 17:40:29

--Ban Pan Upgrade
In the new version, the Security Zone has undergone some changes with an event, offering great prizes. The process to become an investigator has been improved along with the video review controls!
- Added an event screen to make it easier to browse event content:
1. Recruitment event: Exclusive rewards can be collected when there are a certain number of investigators.
2. Daily review missions: Video reviewers can unlock a series of inspection missions and collect rewards.
- Added extra permanent rewards, such as permanent outfits, avatar frames, etc., to encourage and support players who continue to combat cheating and cheaters.

--Safety Inspections and Punishments
1. Further strategic improvements to target the grass-removal cheat, no recoil cheat, X-Ray vision, auto-aim, and speed-up cheats.
2. Enhanced efforts to prevent the cracking of various resources.
3. Stronger action to strengthen defenses against various network attacks.