Patch Notes 1.5
2021-07-08 10:00:00

Dear Players:

Search for future technology in Mission Ignition

Explore the Tesla Gigafactory

Fight to the top with new firearms and vehicles

Comprehensive improvements for a refreshing and enjoyable experience

Major changes to the Royale Pass! Get more rewards faster and for less!


To give everyone a better gaming experience, PUBG MOBILE will be pushing out updates starting from July 9. The server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires 686 MB of storage space on Android devices. The iOS version requires 1.64 GB. Please note that players on different versions cannot team up with each other, so please update as soon as possible.


Update to the new version between July 9 and July 16 (UTC 0) to get: 

  • 2,888 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d) ×1.


New Modes, New Experiences

Mission Ignition (7/9–9/6)

The technology and energy company, DynaHex, is implementing long-term technological transformations on Erangel. They wish to use Erangel as an experimental base for their latest scientific research. You can access this mode through EvoGround and experience a new Erangel, transformed by technology. Reminder: Players can earn Rating Points in this mode.


Complete Transformation

DynaHex has transformed six major areas of Erangel based on military defense, energy utilization, transportation and logistics, and cutting-edge scientific research.


  • Transit Center (previously Pochinki)

Pochinki is the core of Erangel's transport network, and has now become the transit center for the island. A new high-tech station and supporting transportation system will be located here. Travel on the city bus and use it as a form of mobile cover for an all new transportation experience.


  • Port of Georgopol (previously Georgopol)

The advantages of Georgopol as a logistics port will be further leveraged with the introduction of a brand-new central command center and fully-automated warehouse, giving rise to an efficient and advanced logistics port.


  • Tech Center (previously the School)

This former school area now places greater emphasis on academic research and cutting-edge exploration. The latest scientific research results and cutting-edge technologies will be on display here. In terms of gameplay, there are many paths and structures here, and various unpredictable opportunities for confrontations.


  • Security Center (previously the Military Base)

The Military Base is responsible for monitoring the security of the entire island and providing armed support. Island-wide monitoring and rapid response facilities are deployed here.


  • Logistics Agency (previously Yasnaya Polyana)

The Logistics Agency is located in Yasnaya Polyana and is an important distribution center for supplies coming into Erangel. The supplies transported from the port will be classified, checked, and distributed from here to throughout Erangel.


  • Energy Center (previously Mylta Power)

This organization provides energy to all of Erangel and combines conventional energy generation with cutting-edge technology to produce a stable supply for the island's civil and military buildings.

Mission Ignition's Special Gameplay Systems

  • Dynamic Elements

Lifts, automatic doors, and other moving platforms will appear in the upgraded urban area.


  • HyperLines

To make travel more efficient on Erangel, the Logistics Agency has set up HyperLines on Erangel to connect the various cities of the island. Players can use these HyperLines to move between fixed locations at certain times and take advantage of these characteristics to employ more tactics.


  • Air Conveyor

The Command Center has set up this special transport tool outside some urban areas and bases to help security personnel travel through the air and conduct patrols in the sky.


Mission Ignition's Unique Firearms and Attachments

  • New Firearm: ASM Abakan

The ASM Abakan fires 5.56mm rounds and has three firing modes: full-auto, two-shot burst, and single-shot.What makes this firearm special is that the first two shots are extremely accurate and can be fired in quick succession, which makes this firearm suitable for burst firing.


  • Ergonomic Grip

Grip attachments can greatly improve the handling of firearms, enhance vertical/horizontal recoil control, and accelerate recoil recovery.


  • Muzzle Brake

This muzzle attachment can effectively reduce bullet scattering and control recoil.


  • Drum Magazine

This magazine attachment can be equipped on all rifles and greatly increases magazine capacity at the cost of slightly longer reloading time.


Mission Ignition's Unique New Vehicles

  • Anti-gravity Motorcycle

The amphibious Anti-gravity Motorcycle has seats for 2 and can be used to conveniently travel across the whole map.


  • Mission Ignition's Unique Items
    • Tactical Marking Device

This technologically advances item spawns in matches. After it is equipped, it automatically marks the position of enemies that have been hit and also displays the status of teammates on the mini-map when they are engaging.

  • Riot Shield

Tap to deploy a Riot Shield with durability that can block all bullets.


Mission Ignition's Unique Features

  • Spawn Island Holographic Display

A holographic display has been introduced on Spawn Island, showing the map and flight route of the current match, as well as the markers made by players.


  • Jump Marker

During the flight and jump phases, players can directly tap on the map to place markers. Markers will appear as columns of light, and the name of the destination will be displayed in the air above it.


  • Auto-Parachute

Added a feature that allows players to automatically parachute to the marked location after the feature is enabled.


Other New Contents of Mission Ignition

  • Added flight animations for missiles before they explode in air raids to make it easier to judge where they will explode.
  • Added an indicator feature to indicate the approximate location of grenades that are about to explode near players.


Tesla (7/9–9/6)

The technological transformation of Erangel has caught the attention of Tesla. Tesla will build a Gigafactory on Erangel to produce classic models of its cars, as well as provide more technologically advanced autonomous driving experiences and supply transportation solutions. In the new mode, Mission Ignition, players will be able to experience Tesla exclusive content.


  • Tesla Gigafactory

The Tesla Gigafactory will appear on the map. Activate all switches of the assembly lines in the factory to start the car assembly process and build a Tesla vehicle - Model Y.


  • Model Y + Self-driving

The self-driving cars produced at the Tesla Gigafactory have an autopilot mode that can be activated on the highways on the map to automatically take players to the location of pre-set markers along the highway.


  • Tesla Semi

These self-driving transportation vehicles developed by Tesla will spawn randomly along the road in the wild and will drive automatically on specific routes. Obtain battle supplies by dealing damage to the Semi to make it drop Supply Crates.


New Firearms and Combat Improvements

New Firearm MG3

New MG3 Light Machine Gun: Using 7.62mm rounds, this weapon features a unique firing mode, and its rate of fire can be flexibly adjusted to 660 or 990 rounds per minute, allowing for both stable continuous shooting and rapid spraying.

When used with a bipod, its recoil is significantly reduced while firing prone. This firearm only spawns in Air Drops.


Adjustments to the M249

Now that the MG3 has been added to airdrops, the M249 will be removed from airdrops and will spawn on the ground throughout the map in Classic Mode instead.


Rate of Fire Compensation System

Added a unified system for firearms with different frame rates to solve the problem of inconsistent rates of fire when the frame rates are different.


3rd Person Camera Perspective Settings

Added an option to adjust the TPP field of view. The TPP field of view can be adjusted in the settings. But this option will not apply to some devices with a screen that already has a large field of view.

 New Glass Windows

Added glass to some buildings in Erangel and Miramar.

Glass can be broken by melee attacks, gunfire, or climbing through windows, and will make a noise when they are broken, but will not be restored after they are broken.


Default Control Logic Improvements

Auto pick-up will be disabled when a character is using meds.

If a melee weapon is picked up when a character already has a main weapon, the melee weapon will be stowed by default.

When a character doesn't have a Pan, the character will automatically pick up and equip a Pan.

If the ammo of a firearm has been used up (including spare ammo), and there is another weapon that still has ammo, the character will automatically switch to using this weapon.

Flare Guns that have no ammo will not be automatically picked up.


Team Deathmatch - Hangar Improvements

Improved the cover near the Mansion spawn point so that it is almost as tall as the top of the fruit stand.

Improved the size of the mini-map to make it easier to observe the battle situation.


Adjustments to EvoGround - Payload 2.0

We will further adjust EvoGround - Payload 2.0 to make it better than ever for everyone.


New Quick Wheel

New Throwable and Consumable wheels have been added to make it easier to use Throwables/Consumables:

Swipe the Consumable/Throwable icon to open the wheel and switch or use items.

You can enable the Quick Throw feature in the settings menu. After enabling it, hold the Throwable icon to use Quick Throw.

You can enable the Quick Wheel Throw feature in the settings menu. After enabling it, swipe the wheel and quickly select the target Throwable to do a Quick Throw.


New Throwable Consumables

Players can throw the meds they are carrying at close range in the form of packages. Meds that have been thrown can be picked up.


New Victory Statue

After winning, you can summon a statue to celebrate:

The winning team's MVP can summon a Victory Statue at a specified location.

Special celebration Emotes can be used near the Victory Statue.


New Victory Snaps

After winning in classic mode, you can enter Photo Mode.

You can choose to hide or display teammate information in Photo Mode

You can share your photos after taking them.


New Remaining Ammo Indicator

Whenever a magazine is almost empty, the number indicating your remaining ammo will change color:

When you have 25% ammo remaining, the number will turn yellow.

When you have 10% ammo remaining, the number will turn red.


New Death Replay Data Display

When the Death Replay is played, some public information of the player who eliminated you can now be seen.

In the data, it is now possible to view accuracy-related data of firefights, including how many times the player hit the opponent, as well as how many times the opponent hit the player.

Added a Report feature.

The Death Replay can be enabled or disabled in the Settings.


Customized Firearm Settings

Players can customize the attachments for each firearm and set different target attachments for different slots.

After the settings have been configured, the character will automatically pick up and equip these attachments when encountering them.


Specialized Firearm Sensitivity Customizations

Players can configure customized sensitivity settings for each firearm, which will apply when they use the corresponding firearms.


New Teammate Engaging Notifications

When a teammate is in a battle and takes damage, a notification will appear around the teammate's health bar to indicate that they are in a battle.


Royale Pass Month 1: Tek Era (7/14–8/12)

Royale Pass Month 2: Project T (8/13–9/13)

  • After RP S19 ends, the Royale Pass will be adjusted to Royale Pass Month, and players can claim an exclusive welcome gift after accessing it for the first time!
  • Time adjustments: Adjusted the duration of the RP to 1 month, and 2 RPs will be launched one after the other in each version. RP M1 and RP M2 will be launched in this version.
  • Price adjustments: Adjusted the price of the ordinary RP to 360 UC and the price of the Elite RP to 960 UC (1,200 extra points). Players who get the new RP for the first time can collect Vouchers (60-360 UC) and can get a Voucher (60-360 UC) for the next RP for free after reaching rank 30 in the current RP.
  • Rank reduction: Adjusted the maximum rank to 50 without changing the quality of rewards. Reach rank 50 to get a Mythic Set, and get a Legendary Firearm and Set at Rank 1.
  • Extra rewards: Players can collect free rewards whenever they gain RP Ranks. Reach a high rank to get a Voucher (60 UC) for the next season and an extra set for free.
  • Mission adjustments: Shortened the duration of RP challenge missions from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, reducing the game time requirements of RP at the same time.
  • Get bonus RP Points at the end of the season.
  • In this event at the end of S19, players can complete missions to gain chances to get bonus points for the next season in advance.
  • Participate in the event to activate initial basic points, complete missions to gain bonus chances, and use bonus chances to get random bonus multipliers as rewards. The total points that can be obtained in the new season = initial basic points × total bonus multiplier obtained.
  • Other adjustments: Adjusted the price of the EZ Mission License, added a Royale Pass Month tab, etc.



  • Introducing Clan Battle, a mode where clans of the same type and Activity level are pitted against each other for a 14-day battle.
  • Clan members can complete Clan Battle missions to get Clash Points and the daily base reward.
  • Before the event ends, the clan with the higher number of base rewards wins this season's Clan Battle.
  • Clan victory and individual contribution both yield handsome rewards.


Ray is here!

  • Ray is here to keep you updated on all the important stuff. Don't miss out!


New Achievements

  • New theme achievement: Seeing is Believing (Exclusive), which can be obtained by participating in Mission Ignition and meeting achievement requirements from July 6 to September 6.
  • New achievement: Season Veteran (Exclusive), which can be obtained before September 13 by being there when the Royale Pass season undergoes the transformation.
  • New achievement: Perseverance, which can be obtained by participating in the Weekly All-Talent Championship.
  • New achievement: Irresistible, which can be obtained by receiving RP respect in a match.
  • New achievement: Critic, which can be obtained by completing a match and rating a teammate.
  • Set achievement To The Stars and Neon Punk will return for a limited time, which will be removed forever later.


RP Gift

  • New RP Perk - the ability to give respect in a match. Players can give respect to a teammate any time during a match, and the respect message will be displayed in the chat history.
  • Players who have received respect can gain a certain number of RP Points. The RP Points come from the system.



Grayscale testing will be carried out in Indonesia in July and other South East Asian countries in August and September.

  • Authorized KOLs can create clubs, and other players can select a club to join.
  • Players can post and LIKE images, videos, and comments in clubs.
  • Players can join discussions on different topics and post content there; a topic's content can be viewed in Topic Details.
  • Club admins can host fan tournaments, and club members can sign up to participate.
  • Club admins can sync content posted by third-party social media channels to the club.


Basic Performance Improvements:

  • Support for and improvements of IBL to provide more realistic lighting effects in maps and improve the distinction between textures.
  • Support for light scattering in the sky, including Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering, atmospheric fog, and other effects, to make the sky more transparent and realistic.
  • Support for richer vegetation effects, dynamic clouds, realistic simulated cloud illumination effects, etc.


Security Zone Improvements:

In the new version, we’ve added more exciting event content and great rewards to the Security Zone - Video Review, as well as further improved the video review process and operating experience.

  • Added an event screen to make it easier to browse event content:
  • Recruitment event: Exclusive rewards can be collected when there are a certain number of video reviewers.
  • Daily review missions: Video reviewers can unlock a series of inspection missions and collect rewards.
  • Added extra permanent rewards, such as permanent outfits, avatar frames, etc., to encourage and support players to continue to combat cheating and cheaters.


Security Improvements

  • Further strategic improvements to target the grass-removal cheat, no recoil cheat, X-Ray vision, auto-aim, and speed-up cheats.
  • Enhanced efforts to prevent the cracking of various resources.
  • Continue to strengthen defenses against various network attacks.


All-Talent Championship Improvements

  • Added regional rankings
  • The newly-added regional rankings are independent of the All-Talent Championship rankings.
  • Players who participate in at least 1 match every week will be ranked in their region for that week.
  • Teams will be entered in the rankings of a random region after they finish a match. The rankings of each region are independent of one another.
  • After the Weekly Matches end every week, players can collect ranking rewards based on their team's ranking in their region for that week.
  • Players can claim an active match reward based on the number of matches they play in the Weekly Matches every week.
  • The Weekly Match Rankings data and reward eligibility are refreshed every week.
  • Added new titles and achievements for the All-Talent Championship


Feature Improvements

  • Universal Mark Improvements

Slightly adjusted the direction of the wheel. The direction and style have been kept the same with the voice wheel.

  • Winning Moments Improvements

Adjusted the time players can stay in battle after winning to 60 seconds.

  • Battle UI Adjustments

Adjusted the style of the bottom frame of some function buttons. Made minor adjustments to the default layout of Settings, Voice, Graffiti, and Emote buttons.

  • Death Crate Display Logic Improvements

When players pick up the Death Crate off another player in a match, after the crate's six-square grid and nine-square grid format have switched, this will be remembered so that it will not be necessary to switch them again.

  • Gyroscope Improvements

Players can now customize the gyroscope sensitivity when aiming down sights with weapons.

Added a switch to apply inversion for the gyroscope. After this setting is enabled, up/down will be inverted for the gyroscope.

  • 90 FPS is now available in Smooth graphics for some new devices
  • Special adaptations for iPhone 12 and some other devices


System Improvements:

  • Lobby Banner Improvements

The banner in the top right corner of the Lobby can now be swiped at varying speeds.

  • Reward Screen Improvements

The screen where you are presented with rewards has been refined. Button fade-out effect has been added to prevent users from tapping too quickly and accidentally skipping the screen.

  • Combat Survey

The combat survey has been optimized. Players can now give ratings, select tags, and give match feedback to their friends.

  • Main Screen Info Optimization
  • Some players had trouble understanding the main screen's Team interface because it was not displaying information in an intuitive manner. This has now been fixed.
  • The entrance to the Vehicle and X-Suit features has been adjusted.
  • Moments Optimization

Moment thumbnail's comments and likes are now displayed in detail.

  • Improvement of In-Game LIKEs

When giving Likes at the start of a match or upon winning, the team's LIKE progress and LIKE special effect are displayed.


Cycle1 Season1

Challenge Point System

  • The Challenge Point system is another set of rules used to evaluate players' actions in matches without changing the original point-scoring rules of matches.
  • Get bonus Challenge Points if you do not quit the match, go AFK, or eliminate your teammates for an entire match.
  • If players lose a match while they have Challenge Points, they will lose points automatically according to their tier. The higher the tier, the more points lost.
  • Extra Challenge Points are awarded for completing the first match of each day.
  • Challenge Points cannot be accumulated once the maximum amount has been reached.
  • Challenge Points are tallied separately depending on the server and game mode.
  • Challenge Points will not carry over to other seasons.


Tier icon improvements

  • Updated the display of tier icons to enrich their details.
  • Improve the tier upgrade effects.


Season screen updates

  • Adjusted the information presentation on the Season screen.
  • Added reward growth lines and friends' progress.
  • Adjusted the way in which rewards are presented.
  • Updated the reward details screen.


Season reward improvements

  • Added Silver tier rewards.
  • Added rewards for the Ace tier after subdividing the tier.
  • Increased the number of rewards for mini tiers.



  • Subdivided the Ace tier into specific tiers.
  • Added rewards and share options for the subdivided tiers of the Ace tier.



  • In the new version, several seasons will be unified into a Cycle.
  • Added a Cycle reward system that allows players to get rewards for collecting all the badges of the same level in the same Cycle.
  • Improved the display of the badge system screen, Season Profile screen, and other screens.