PUBG MOBILE 2.3 Update Announcement
2022-11-15 00:05:02


PUBG MOBILE will begin pushing out the update on November 15 at 11:00 (UTC +0). To ensure a quick and smooth update, please be in a good network environment and have enough available storage on your device.

Update Reward: Update the game from November 15 - 17 (UTC +0) to get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a Magical Night Helmet (3d).


Key Updates

  • New Themed Mode: Football Mania in collaboration with Lionel Messi. Experience the new football-themed gameplay together!
  • Unite for One Goal series of events. Rank up with friends and participate in all kinds of football-themed events!
  • Official Aftermath Mode release! New gameplay mechanics for an even better experience!
  • Firearm and Vehicle updates: NS2000 animation improvements, Kar98K, M24 and AWM single-shot and attachment improvements, and Mountain Bike handling improvements.
  • Creation System debut. Use different Camera Styles to take creative pictures or clips, and share them!


Themed Mode - Football Mania

Football legend Lionel Messi invites you to try out the new football-themed gameplay!



1.    New Themed Area - Football Carnival

The mine pit area has been converted into the grand Football Carnival.

  • Enjoy Middle Eastern architecture in an area full of supplies as well as themed items.
  • Use the Zorb Football Vehicle to travel quickly around the Carnival via the rail system.
  • There is a Prize Room that will open when the countdown ends. Compete over amazing resources inside!
  • Launchers will be available around Football Carnival for a limited time.
  • Respawn Cards will spawn in the urban area. After picking up this item, players eliminated in the Football Carnival will be given a chance to respawn and jump back to the battlegrounds.


2.    Football-themed Items, Vehicles, Gameplay

Maps: Erangel, Livik, Nusa

  • New tactical item - Messi's Golden Shoes: Pick up and use this item to sprint. This item can also be activated again while sprinting to execute a feint maneuver.
  • New tactical item - Wonder Football: Kick the ball to an opponent's feet with a curved kick. After a short delay, enemies within a certain range will be drawn towards where the ball lands.
  • New one-person vehicle - Zorb Football Vehicle: Pick up and use this item to envelop the player in a giant moving football that can be controlled with the joystick. Players can cooperate with teammates by having them kick the Zorb Football Vehicle into the air like a football.
  • Football Arena (available only in Erangel and Livik): Football Arenas will appear in some areas. Head to a specified area and score in the large goal with Wonder Footballs to open crates and get rewards. There are also two small goals hidden around the football pitch. Find them and kick Wonder Footballs into all of them to open the crate outside the arena and get Easter Egg rewards.



The following gameplay mechanics are only available in Erangel:

  • Football Flare Gun: All Flare Guns will be replaced with Football Flare Guns. The football air drop will appear in the shape of a football and can be pushed around like a ball by players.
  • Giga Football: Large-sized cover in the form of footballs will appear randomly. These can be pushed around, have a certain amount of Health, and will explode after taking a certain amount of damage.
  • Football-themed Spawn Island: Players can preview and play around with Messi's Golden Shoes, Wonder Footballs, Zorb Football Vehicles, and the football rails of Football Carnival on Spawn Island.


Fun football-themed gameplay releases with the new version, so be sure to try it out!

The December Snow Fest update will add an ice theme to some football items and releases on the first day of winter. Look forward to it!


Official Aftermath Mode

Official Aftermath Mode is coming your way!

Available: 2022/12/02 at 02:00:00 (UTC +0)


  • Map updates: The map is now based on the latest version of Livik.
  • Armor upgrades: Armor has been upgraded into Enhanced Vests with new Armor slots. Players can pick up Alloy Armor and slot them into their Vest.
  • Firearm upgrades: Upgrade Crates now spawn in Aftermath. These can be used to upgrade firearms and increase their damage.
  • New Energy mechanics: Energy no longer drops over time! Energy now quickly restores Health upon taking damage.
  • Consumables adjustments: New First Aid Kits and Energy Drinks have been added. First Aid Kits now quickly restore Health, which is no longer capped at 75! Energy Drinks can now be drunk more quickly to restore Energy.
  • Crates: Aftermath also has crates now! Search for crates to get valuable supplies and upgrade items.
  • New Bunkers: There are 8 bunkers full of guards that can be found on the map. Defeat them for lots of supplies.
  • Semi Truck: Semi Trucks will spawn randomly on the map. Break the lock to get great supplies.
  • Medicine Cabinet: This is an interactive medical device that is mounted on the wall. Interact with it to recover lots of Health.
  • Guard Posts: There are 4 Guard Posts on the map. Guards and crates will spawn at some Guard Posts in each match. Defeat them to get supplies.
  • Recall Towers: The location of any player who is using a Recall Tower will be made public. Players will need to defend for a period of time to recall teammates.
  • Shop Recalls: Players can spend Shop Tokens to recall teammates at the shop.



Map Updates

1.    Nusa Map Updates

  • Crate improvements: Crates can now appear in more locations so there is a higher chance of finding a crate.
  • Building improvements: The LOD brightness of buildings in Nusa has been improved. Distant buildings are now more visible.
  • Terrain improvements: Fixed the warping of some terrain.
  • Mini-map improvements: Improved the PCOB mini-map performance to reduce distortion.


2.    Erangel Map Updates

  • Supply Warehouse: Added a special room in Erangel that requires an Access Card to enter. The room contains lots of advanced supplies.
  • Stalber improvements: Reduced the complexity of some layouts to improve the Stalber region and make searching the area more streamlined.
  • Stalber Cable Car: Added three cable car routes to Stalber. Players can use cable cars to move around the area swiftly.
  • Vehicle Radar: Added the Vehicle Radar to the Supply Shop in Classic Erangel. It can be used to scan for vacant vehicles nearby.


3.    Livik Map Updates

  • Weather System: Added dawn and dusk to Livik for a fresh visual experience.
  • Refinery improvements: Tweaked the stage to improve the combat experience.


Other Mode Updates

1.    Payload

Recall & Respawn: Adjusted the Recall mechanics of the Recall Tower. Each player has 1 respawn chance and can go directly to the Recall Tower to recall teammates without picking up their tag.


2.    Metro Royale

  • New weapon: NS2000 Shotgun.
  • Two newly-added items will be sold in the Shop.


Firearm and Vehicle Updates

  • Improved the firing performance while aiming down sights and the reloading action of the NS2000.

Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Enhancements

  • Kar98K:
    • Base damage increased from 79 to 82.
    • Limb shot damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.
    • Bullet speed increased from 760m/s to 850m/s.
    • Bolt-action speed increased and firing interval reduced by 30%.
  • M24:
    • Limb shot damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.
    • Bullet speed increased from 760m/s to 850m/s.
    • Bolt-action speed increased and firing interval reduced by 30%.
  • AWM:
    • Limb shot damage multiplier increased from 0.475 to 0.55.
    • Bolt-action speed increased and firing interval reduced by 20%.

Sniper Rifle Attachment Improvements

  • Compensator (Snipers):
    • Adjustment: Firearm effective range increased by 10%.
    • Adjustment: Bullet spread reduced by 10%.
  • Flash Hider (Snipers):
    • Adjustment: Bullet spread reduced by 5%.
  • Cheek Pad:
    • Adjustment: Bullet spread reduced by 10%.
    • Adjustment: Bullet spread when scoped reduced by 10%.
  • Mountain Bike improvements: The Mountain Bike now balances better than before.


Basic Experience Improvements

1.    In-game Creation System

  • A Creation System has been added and can be accessed via the Emote icon during gameplay. Use different Camera Styles to take creative pictures or clips, and share them.
  • The original photo features of Cheer Park and the Results page have been integrated into the Creation System.


2.    Battle System

  • Adjusted the visual effect of enabling or disabling the flight route on the mini-map.
  • Added distances to the Elimination Broadcast when making long-distance eliminations.
  • The Chat button remains after winning a match for easier sharing.
  • Added Recommended settings to the settings.
  • The crosshair remains after being knocked down and can be used to mark things.
  • Fixed the issue that caused players to not make footstep sounds when performing a melee attack while jumping.
  • Adjusted footstep sounds to better distinguish between enemy and teammate footsteps.
  • The mini-map can now be opened when held and closed when released. This feature can be enabled in the settings.
  • New concise marks that do not block the field of view. This feature can be enabled in the settings.
  • Single Joystick controls for vehicles automatically use the button size and position as set for the Character.


3.    Cheer Park

  • A new Penalty Kick Shootout has been added as well as the new bouncy Zorb Football Vehicle.


4.    Recall    

  • Improved the Recall icon in the teammate list and made the notice for when Recall is no longer available more obvious.
  • Adjusted the height when respawning in different maps so that players have greater control over their landing point.
  • Improved the flight route of Super Recall in themed modes. Players in a team can regroup more easily.


5.    Popularity Gifts

  • New Popularity Gifts: Super Sports Car, Winner's Trophy, Pan.
  • Improved how Popularity Gifts are shown on all pages and improved the internal logic and feedback for sending and receiving gifts.
  • Improved the display of the Popularity Gift panel and new gift descriptions.
  • Improved the icons of Popularity Gifts.


6.    Data 

  • Added gender to the UI of different pages.
  • Fixed bugs and improved the data page.


7.    In-game Social System Improvements

Added smart recommendations for quick voice messages: In some specific scenarios, some commonly used quick voice messages will be pinned at the top of the selection screen.


8.    Other Mainstream Social Feature Improvements 

  • Added a category for generated clips to Highlights in Career Results.
  • Error messages when spectating are more detailed.


9.    Training Grounds

  • Added smart recommendations for quick voice messages: In some specific scenarios, some commonly-used quick voice messages will be pinned at the top of the selection screen.



Unite for One Goal Events

Lots of football-themed events are here to experience with your friends!


1.    Rank Up With Friends

Event Period: 2022/11/20 at 02:00:00 – 2022/12/03 at 23:59:59 (UTC +0)

Team up with friends and rank up together!

  • Team-Up Rating Protection: Your rating will not drop in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.
  • Team-Up Bonus Rating Points: Get an extra 10 rating points in the first two matches that you make the Top 30 when playing with friends each day.
  • Team-Up Double Challenge Points: Get double Challenge Points in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.
  • Team-Up Double Popularity from LIKEs: Get double Popularity from LIKEs in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.
  • Team-Up Double Synergy: Get double Synergy in the first two Ranked matches played with friends each day.


2.    Unite Your Team

  • Team Creation Period: Players can check their past team-up data with friends and create their own personal football team.
    • Event Period: 2022/11/20 at 02:00:00 – 2022/11/26 at 00:00:00 (UTC +0)
  • Once the event starts, the system randomly matches players together for a football match. Players' past team-up data with friends will affect the match results. Earn tokens from matches and use them to redeem rewards.
    • Match Period: 2022/11/26 at 02:00:00 – 2022/12/11 at 00:00:00 (UTC +0)
    • Stats Viewing Period: 2022/12/11 at 00:00:00 – 2022/12/18 at 23:59:59 (UTC +0)


3.    Winning Choice

Event Period: 2022/11/20 at 02:00:00 – 2022/12/03 at 23:59:59 (UTC +0)

  • Players can predict the outcome of any match before it plays. Players that predict correctly will win rewards.
  • The Top 100 players in the prediction ranking will win a Title.


4.    Well Wishes

Event Period: 2022/11/20 at 02:00:00 – 2022/12/18 at 23:59:59 (UTC +0)

  • Players can send gifts to participating teams to cheer for them. Cheer Value corresponds with different rewards.
  • The top 3 supporters of every team will be shown on the front page of the ranking.
  • Each team is ranked based on total Cheer Value of gifts received.
  • During the Well Wishes event, the World Chat will open a dedicated Topic Chat, as well as announce match schedules.


5.    Lucky Teammates

Event Period: 2022/11/20 at 02:00:00 – 2022/12/18 at 23:59:59 (UTC +0)

  • During the event, the system will recommend Lucky Teammates to players every week. Win Ranked Classic matches with Lucky Teammates to get extra rating points.
  • The point bonus for each Lucky Teammate can only be activated once per week.


6.    Friends Interaction Record

Players can check their detailed team-up data with friends from the past 6 seasons in the Friend Interaction Record.

  • Includes team-up time, team-up wins, points earned while teamed up and other detailed information.
  • Tap each category for a more detailed description and to see the time that data was collected.
  • Friends you've played with a lot will be shown on a separate page.


There are still more interesting football event missions for you to try.

The New Year Fireworks event releases on December 19. Light New Year Fireworks for New Year rewards!



New Season: Cycle 3 Season 9


  • New Legendary rewards: C3S9 Glasses, C3S9 Set, C3S9 Parachute, C3S9 - M24, C3S9 Mask, and C3S9 Cover.
  • New Tier Goal system: Players can get rewards for setting and reaching a goal.


Other Improvements

1.    Recall System

  • New Recall System has been integrated into the Mission System. Invite returning players to team up to get Recall Tokens.
  • Added FCM notifications to the Recall System. When players recall someone, that person receives a notification.
  • Added an invite pop-up Finish reward to the Recall System. Players can change at their own data page.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements to the Recall System.


2.    Connection

  • Added a new 2-player Partner Pose Emote.
  • Improved filling in information for Synergy Recruitment. Added a Personal Space screenshot display.
  • Added a sharing feature to Connections.


3.    Merit

  • To create a good gaming environment, the Merit recovery speed of players with repeat violations has been reduced.


4.    Security Detection Improvements

  • The Security Detection system has been upgraded to better detect cheats like wall hacks, auto-aim, speed hacks, no recoil, and more.
  • Improved the detection and punishment of other game violations, such as teaming behavior.
  • Improved the detection of illicit third-party trading in-game.
  • Improved the suppression of circulating illicit information via in-game features, such as the world chat, in-match chat, clans, et cetera.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that caused teammates' icons to sometimes not show in multiplayer modes.
  • Fixed the issue that caused teammates' voice messages to sometimes not be heard in multiplayer modes.
  • Fixed the issue that caused players to get stuck at certain places in Nusa.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the burning effect of the Straw Hut to not be displayed in Nusa.
  • Fixed the issue that caused vehicles to sometimes render incorrectly in Nusa.
  • Fixed the issue that caused abnormal movement speed in Metro Royale.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game to crash when driving a vehicle in Cheer Park.