Meet the Developers (Part 3)
2022-06-10 11:38:41

Meet the Developers (Part 3)


Thank you for your continued support for PUBG MOBILE! Part 3 of the Meet the Developers social event has finished in each country!

During the event, we delved deep into the chat system, gameplay, and security, and the developers provided detailed responses to players' astute questions.

After the event, the developers quickly prepared an improvement plan based on everyone's comments. Many of the features you are concerned about will be released in the near future!


The detailed responses provided during the event are categorized into the following six parts.



Part 1: Chat System


Q: I've encountered many unfriendly and verbally abusive players. I hope chat can be improved by censoring more abusive words and introducing a penalty system.      

A: Currently, we've implemented penalties like muting and penalties that increase in severity depending on repeat offense. Moving forward, we will continue to improve the chat and find ways to prevent malicious speech. The PUBG MOBILE development team is committed to creating a civilized and positive chat system.


Q: A lot of swearing goes on before jumping. Detection during this period should be improved.    

A: Malicious and uncivilized speech is absolutely unacceptable. Improving our speech recognition system is already on our agenda. We're confident that a clean voice chat system will be achieved very soon.


Q: A major issue reported by many players is the frequent and prolonged loss of voice chat, which can only be resolved by re-entering the game. This bug severely hinders in-game communication.    

A: Thank you for reporting this bug. We're currently working hard to resolve this issue. A fix will be implemented soon.


Q: Players have requested the ability to block/ban players without having to add them as friends.

A: We'll add this function to the next version. We appreciate the opportunity to enhance your gaming experience.


Q: It feels like reports of abusive language in chat rooms/platforms are not being followed up on. There should be an effective reporting function that can immediately deal with these players.    

A: A civilized chat system is one of our main priorities. We've currently implemented a method of detection for the Arabic UGC. We will continue to add ways of detection for other languages. We're confident in improving the current chat system.



Part 2: Gameplay


Q: The carry feature is being abused. Downed players are being carried to random places or thrown into the sea, negatively impacting their gaming experience. Those that carry downed players to unsuitable locations or throw players into the sea should be warned or penalized.

A: We're sorry to hear that this is happening. We've implemented a reporting feature for this type of behavior. Now, players can report others engaging in this behavior, and their Merit will be deducted.


Q: Assists and teamwork in Classic Mode should be included in KDA calculations.   

A: We believe that all assists are valuable. The success of a team depends on the effort of every teammate. We are currently considering how to give more credit to assists in the results. They may not necessarily be reflected in KDA, but our solution will certainly enhance the gaming experience.


Q: We'd like to see gameplay that combines that of The Ancient Secret and Mirror World.

A: We're ecstatic to hear that you enjoyed The Ancient Secret and Mirror World. We're currently thinking of ways to incorporate these positive experiences onto future gameplay. We look forward to bringing these gameplays back in the future.


Q: We'd like to see the return of the Survive Till Dawn, Night Vision Goggles, and Drone modes in Vikendi.

A: We're happy that you enjoyed Vikendi. We're considering updating Vikendi, and adding Survive Till Dawn, Night Vision Goggles, and Drone to the upgraded map. Please look forward to Vikendi 2.0.


Q: We want new vehicles in Classic Mode, such as scooters or skateboards. A vehicle is difficult to find most of the time, and we're often forced to walk.

A: We added the all-new Foldable Mountain Bike during our 4th Anniversary update. We are continuing to optimize the game to bring you a more refined gaming experience in the future.



Part 3: Update


Q: The automatic download feature should be improved. There used to be a button to toggle automatic download. Now, downloads begin without warning, which reduces storage space and uses excessive data. Also, players prefer to select updates themselves.

A: We've added the toggle feature back. You no longer have to worry about wasting data.


Q: Some players have reported that old resource packs are not deleted after new ones are downloaded.  

A: Every update is packed with data. We are continuously seeking new ways to optimize data delivery. Currently, we've optimized the size of the resource packs and added an auto-cleanup feature. Since then, we've received positive player feedback concerning the size of the resource packs.


Q: Bring back the ability to download individual resource packs so that players can choose which resource packs to download.    

A: Thank you for your feedback. We've brought back the download function. Now, players can freely choose the resource packs for their favorite modes and better manage their storage space.


Q: iPhone users have reported that their game settings are reset every time they download an update.     

A: We're sorry to hear that there is a bug in the updating system. We have expanded our cloud storage capacity to ensure that player settings are stored securely. We believe that this issue has since been resolved.



Part 4: Matchmaking


Q: The wait time for ranked matches is too long. I hope that it can be reduced. 

A: We added prize pools in the recent update to reduce wait time. We also added a new mechanism in which the system will compensate players who had a poor gaming experience with additional Challenge Points.


Q: Many rookies are matched with experienced players. This skill gap has resulted in the mistreatment of rookies. A: Our hope is that players can freely team up with their friends. However, considering the recent feedback on uneven skill levels, we've implemented a tier-separation mechanic for ranked and unranked matches. Now, players will only be matched with teammates and enemies of similar rank. This resolves the tier gap issue.



Part 5: Content Tools


Q: The Death Replay and Match Replay systems need improvement.  

A: We've always valued the capture of exciting moments. Therefore, we are constantly improving  the death replay and match replay features. We are confident that these systems will give players a better gaming experience and allow them to capture memorable moments.


Part 6: Security


Q: Climbing cheats are becoming increasingly prevalent in certain modes. 

A: We have a zero-tolerance policy toward cheating. We strive to ensure the security and fairness of the gaming environment. We perform extensive data analysis before banning cheaters. We will continue to investigate and test all types of cheats.


Q: The in-game reporting system is unresponsive.   

A: We've completely revamped the in-game reporting system, resolving the unresponsiveness issue. Now, players can take advantage of this feature to ensure the right to a fair gaming environment.


Q: Details should be provided to the reporter after an account is banned.   

A: Players can now view the details of a banned account. However, we are concerned that this feature may be exploited by cheaters. Therefore, we implore players to provide us with more feedback on this feature.


Q: We hope the ability to unlink a linked email can be added. 

A: This feature has been added. The PUBG MOBILE development team is committed to protecting players' information.



That's all for this time. If you have any other suggestions, please mention them in the next Dev Talk: Meet the Developers event. Our developers will answer your questions like always and make further improvements based on your requests.


See you next time!