The newly added base spawns after the start of each match.At this base, you can find powerful gear like Super Weapons and armed AH6 Helicopters.Find Super Weapon Crates to experience the power of Super Weapons,and use Communication Towers to recall fallen teammates.With endless respawns, no one gets left behind!

Secret Room

The Safe Room spawns randomly during combat. Players can find ample supplies inside,including rare items like UAV Control Terminals, Bomb Suits, and quadruple rocket launchers.To open the doors of a Safe Room, players will need to use Super Weapons.

Armed Pickup

The armed Pickup seats three people.
It carries a flamethrower and a gatling gun.
It’s an amphibious vehicle equipped with flotation devices.

Armed Buggy

The Buggy is an armed off-road vehicle that seats four people.There is a gatling gun mounted on its roof.It’s an amphibious vehicle equipped with flotation devices.

Armed Dacia

The Dacia is an armed sedan that seats four people.
It carries a flamethrower and a rocket launcher.

Armed UAZ

The UAZ is an armed off-road vehicle that seats four people.It carries a flamethrower, a gatling gun, and a rocket launcher.

Armed Helicopter

The armed AH6 Helicopter is back! And it has room for four!
The player in seat 2 controls the rocket launcher, and their teammates in seats 3 and 4 get their own Gatling gun each!
With this vehicle, you'll rule the battlefield!

M202 Quadruple RPG

The M202 four-barreled rocket launcher is a Super Weapon that can switch between single or quadruple firing.
It fires RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenades.
Releasing four volleys at once, it has unlimited firepower.

AT4-A Laser Missile

After firing, AT4-A laser-guided missiles can be aimed at and guided towards enemies by a crosshair laser.
The weapon is loaded with RPG-7 rocket-propelled missiles, and
its laser guidance function can be used when shooting with or without a scope.

UAV Control Terminal

The UAV Control Terminal operates an armed drone.
The drone has 30 seconds of flying time and is equipped with 8 missiles.
Players can control the drone by selecting the UAV Control Terminal from their inventory.
By tapping the “Fire” button on the screen, players can make the drone fire at a target on the ground.

Bomb Suit

The Bomb Suit is a powerful piece of defensive equipment in the Payload Mode.
Wearing the Bomb Suit reduces explosion damage.
Explosion damage dealt by the M202 four-barreled rocket launcher, AT4-A laser-guided missile, RPG-7, etc. is all reduced to a certain degree.

Man-portable Radar

When a player taps the Portable Radar, a radar is placed in front of them.
When near the radar, players can detect vehicle locations.
Bear in mind that if the radar detects a vehicle in an unusual spawn location within a residential or rural area,
it’s very likely that there are enemies near that vehicle.